What's Included in GSD?
Make this Simple Investment in Yourself!
Make this Simple Investment in Yourself!
I have done my best to pack in as much value into GSD as possible. With this as a resource we can guarantee there is no way your business will not exponentially grow.

This course retails for $997, but because I want you to be WILDLY successful we are discounting this business investment by 70% down to $197!

It starts with an understanding of what your business is, who you are, and what needs to get done. This is a pure investment in yourself and business that has been proven to work.


Here's What Every Entrepreneur 
Needs To Know About Getting shIT Done

GSD "Get Sh*t done" is Makenna and Forbes Riley's Signature Training on how to quickly and easily complete projects from creating ebooks, courses, marketing funnels and more!

GSD Has Five Core Trainings...

  • GSD An E-Book ($497 value): Create A Instantly Desirable Book In No Time
  • GSD An Online Course ($497 value): Make An Evergreen Course in less then 3 weeks with our proven system
  • GSD A Funnel ($497 value): Start Generating Leads & Income Online With Your VERY OWN Sales Funnel 
  •  GSD An Email Sequence ($497 value): Build Automations To Make Communication Seamless
  • ​​GSD A Hire ($497 value): Begin To Onboard Qualified Team Members To Build Your Business...
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Here is the GSD Breakdown... 
GSD An E-Book
To welcome your prospect in your world, you need something that stands out and showcases your skill set.
In GSD an ebook, you’ll learn the system we use to publish an ebook in as little as a month to attract new leads and turn them into paying customers.
$497 value
GSD An Online Course
Building an online course has never been easier! This is the perfect way to monetize your skills online. Using our proven strategies and organization tools you can create an online course that will transform your followers into avid buyers in as little as a month! 
$497 value
GSD A Funnel
Your funnel is the core of your marketing campaign and, if done right, can bring in an endless stream of paying leads. We will help you create a funnel tailored for your business so that you won’t have to struggle to find clients anymore!
$497 value
GSD An Email Sequence
We will help you create an email list to keep your customers engaged and actively interested in your offers. We’ll go through how to build automations, set up a campaign, and create sales sequences that will get your prospects to buy.

We’ll also give you fill-in-the-blank templates to help you boost your conversion so that you’ll build a profitable list in no time! 
$497 value
...Of Your Business, And Build 'Business Fitness' While Tearing Down The Barriers That Are Constantly Holding You Back.
GSD A Hire
Learn how to delegate like a pro! We will show you how to onboard people onto your team in an effective and efficient way. GSD a Hire will give you the map to shift from an employee in your business to the CEO of your company. 
$497 value
GSD is Changing Lives...


Get Your Sh*t Done Starting Today!!

' GSD is the Real Deal! If you want to get your business up and running in the next four months I highly recommend you take this program!' 

- Judy  C.- 

A Special Bundle Just For YOU!!
Get this... Each of these courses costs $497, but we decided to make a CRAZY DEAL for you to ensure your success in the upcoming year.

It's our way to thank you for this fantastic year together. We know how hard it is to have everything under control when you are just starting out...

That’s why we created a bundle that takes you through a step-by-step process to "Get Sh*t Done" and dominate 2022!

Get the full package for only: $997

Start 2022 with an unfair advantage over your competition with our proven systems that we used to create a million-dollar company! 

"Get Sh*t done" is Forbes and Makenna Riley's Signature Training on how to quickly and easily complete projects from creating ebooks, courses, marketing funnels, sales videos and more!

GSD has 5 trainings to help entrepreneurs like YOU...

  • GSD An E-Book
  • GSD An Online Course
  • ​GSD a Funnel
  •  GSD An Email Sequence
  • ​​GSD A Hire


Normal Package Price: $1,997


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Frequently Asked Questions
When is the next live GSD training?
GSD trainings are offered monthly, to learn about an upcoming live training, reach out to support@teamforbesriley.com and/or access to the recorded sessions with Makenna and Forbes Riley.
What project management system will I get and is it free?
In this training we are teaching you how to use a free project management system. However, this training is not about the system but rather how to set-up a project in ANY project management system to get it finished in no time!
How does this training work?
Each course focuses on different types of projects that need to be completed for YOU to have a successful money-generating business, such as online courses, email sequence, funnel etc.
How do I access this course(s)?
Once you purchase the course(s) you desire, you will get a "Create Your Account" link via email. This will be sent to the address you signed up with.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
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